About CMTdB

-How do we even find Canadian musicals?

-Maybe we should make a catalogue. Let's get on it.

And we did.

We checked with professionals.

We surveyed musical theatre creators, educators and producers from coast to coast.

This is just a snippet of what you said:

"I write musicals but I don't know how to get in touch with producers and collaborators across the country."

"I teach musical theatre and would love to find Canadian material that my kids can easily perform."

"I am an artistic director and could really use some homegrown material for my season."

"It doesn't feel like we have a national theatre community."

"I want musical theatre to be as important to Canadians as hockey."

We designed and developed a catalogue of Canadian musicals and their creators which will serve as a platform through which we can improve the artistic lives of musical theatre creators, educators and producers across our country.

As we grow and connect with community members, we look forward to rolling out new features that can benefit everyone and our industry as a whole.

For this to truly serve everyone, we need your input.

Create a profile. Submit your works. Spread the word.

Let's get this show on the road.


The CMTdB is one of several Service Projects initiated, created, and supported by Talk is Free Theatre artists and administration.
Arkady Spivak--Talk is Free Theatre
Michael Torontow--Talk is Free Theatre
Alana Freistadt
Peter Jorgensen--Patrick Street Productions
Chantal Gering
Griffin Hewitt