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Mark Flowerdew

A red and white star
Halifax, NS
Mark Flowerdew

Despite his calm and reserved demeanour, Mark Amadeus Flowerdew’s unique flavour of gospel folk-pop bursts with wit and whimsy. Inspired by the songwriting of Randy Newman and The Beatles, Mark delights in timeless tunes that explore the many facets of a life following Jesus. Amidst warm piano colours and joyful ukulele energy, Mark muses in verses that are vulnerable, charming, a little cheeky, and always rhyming. Mark’s dream is to offer you meaningful rest from your troubles, a thoughtful challenge to your assumptions, and a sense of hope that your life is in good hands.

Raised in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Mark grew up in a home that always had a piano around, and thank goodness for that. He learned piano by ear from age 7 and gradually picked up trombone, ukulele, and accordion, but his favourite hobby was composing. A keen student throughout high school, Mark then took the next respectable step and studied engineering. But a few years into his degree, he became strangely convinced — against his better judgement — to abandon his stable career path. Thus, full of fear and doubt, he began his step-by-step journey into a music career. His first step was the release of his first album Lenten Carols (2016), an eclectic mix of original songs inspired by Lent, the season of radical self-examination. Since studying audio production at NSCC, Mark has composed music for choir, theatre, and film, dividing the rest of his efforts between audio work, church music, and dance remixes. His second album, Let’s Go (2021), has a vintage folk sound and considers life’s journey alongside a God who just might change up your plans…

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