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Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland can’t help but make you wonder about everything, including all the big questions about what it means to be “too small“, too big“.

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Landon Doak and Victor Pokinko
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Landon Doak and Victor Pokinko
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Fiona Sauder
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"At such a dangerous and uncertain time, the show’s message about asking questions and not pretending to know all the answers is crucial. The premier and his team of clowns could learn a thing or two from Alice."
Glenn Sumi, Now Toronto

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From the creators of the smash-hit family musical Peter Pan comes a new adventure for all ages. Bad Hats Theatre’s contemporary spin on Wonderland takes us down the rabbit hole with Alice, a girl with a lot of questions. Get "curiouser and curiouser" with a musical retelling of the classic tale that has captured imaginations for generations.

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