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Griffin Hewitt

Cyclops: A Satyr Play

What happens when morally indifferent, self-interested, debaucherous and drunken goat-man is put in charge of retelling a classic story of heroes, gods, and monsters? The greatest after-party ever, of course.

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Juliette Jones
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Griffin Hewitt
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Griffin Hewitt
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Originally planned as a simple reworking of the Euripides play, Cyclops: A Satyr Play became an original piece all it's own. First produced by Talk is Free Theatre as part of The Eternal Ego Festival, Cyclops: A Satyr play uses only one actor, as well as video content, music, audience interaction, and much more to retell the classic story of Odysseus and the Cyclops. With the use of multiple forms of technology, popular music, and direct attempts at participatory, democratic storytelling, Cyclops: A Satyr Play explores the themes of the original play in a way that connects to world we live in today.
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notes about Development

Full script/ libretto, ready to use musical recordings, and a partial score. 1st production/workshop run completed. Due to the improvised nature, workshopping/ reworking will be required as audiences change/grow. Looking to actively workshop with varied audiences/ collaborators to grow and improve the show overall.

Rock, Pop, Retro, Cabaret

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Video by Sean Joynt. Griffin Hewitt as Satyr.
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