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Smile Theatre, Warren Macdonald

Extraordinary: The Extraordinary Life Of An Ordinary Woman

A woman celebrating her 90th birthday welcomes her 18 year old self to the party.

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Jim Betts
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Jim Betts
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Jim Betts
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Book Musical
Set In Canada
Canadian Story
Mainly Women
Suitable for Teens
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"This made me feel Extraordinary!"
Audience member at first performance, 2009

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What would happen if a 90 year old woman got to meet herself as she was at 18? What would they talk about? How happy or upset would the 18 year old be with the choices the 90 year old made along the way? This is the story of my mother, and perhaps yours. Written to celebrate my own mother's 90th birthday, this show has become one of Smile Theatre's most successful and empowering productions.
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This is the true story of a Canadian woman. It's a universal story, and not "Canadian" in the poutine/beaver/famous-Canadian-Anne-Shirley school. [So how "Canadian" a Canadian Musical is it?]
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sample media

Anyone Can Change The World
Lorretta Bailey, vocalist; Michael Mulrooney, piano. Smile Theatre, 2013
An Art Song
Toni MacRae, vocalist; Michael Mulrooney, piano. Smile Theatre, 2013
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