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A new musical comedy celebrating family, community… and a really special plant.

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Colleen Dauncey
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Akiva Romer-Segal
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Matt Murray
in development
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GROW is an outrageously fun, big-hearted musical that examines the bonds of family, the value of community, and the choices we make in order to grow. Before they must commit to the Amish faith forever, nineteen-year-old twins Hannah and Ruth leave the comfort of their sheltered community to go on Rumspringa – a ‘hall pass’ for Amish teenagers to explore the modern world. After arriving in Toronto, their plans quickly go up in smoke and they team up with a down-on-his-luck cannabis dealer to help run his illegal grow-op.

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Recorded at Desert Fish Studios, video by Stuart Retallack Music by Colleen Dauncey Lyrics by Akiva Romer-Segal From the musical Grow (formerly titled Rumspringa Break!) with book by Matt Murray Produced by Colleen Dauncey and Sydney Galbraith Recorded and mixed by Sydney Galbraith at Desert Fish Studios, Toronto Video by Stuart Retallack Vocals: Georgia Bennett and Arinea Hermans with Joel Cumber, Kirkland Doiron, Clea McCaffrey, Jamillah Ross, Jessica Sherman, Kristian Truelsen, Mitch Wood Piano: Colleen Dauncey Guitar: Miles Finlayson Percussion: Jamie Bird Special thanks to Wayne Gwillim & Steven Gallagher.
Singers: Abby King, Adam Sanders, Akiva Romer-Segal, Alexandra Grant, Alysia Bailey, Andrew Fleming, Andrew McAllister, Angela Syrett, Ann Paula Bautista, Anne-Marie Krytiuk, Arinea Hermans, Belinda Ziroyan, Brandon Roy, Cara Adams, Cassandra Bielmeier, Chris James, Clea McCaffrey, Colleen Dauncey, Craig Winterburn, Devin Cecchetto, Elizabeth Rose Morriss, Emma Houlahan, Evan Ayer, Fionn Laird, Georgia Bennett, Gray Monczka, Izad Etemadi, Jade McLeod, Jeff Madden, Jenny Weisz, Jessica Ladd, Jessica Sherman, Joel Cumber, Joel Schaefer, Jordan Bell, Julia Ullrich, Kaeleigh Campbell, Kati Pearson, Katie Ready-Walters, Kelsi James, Kristi Woods, Kristin Weiss, Lily Librach, Lucas Kalechstein, Lynne Smythe, Mackenzie Herbst, Mariah Campos, Matt Murray, Matthew Reid, Mazzy Toporoski, Michelle Chiu, Mitch Wood, Masini McDermott, Natalie Spoozak, Nikki Kuehnel, Olivia Lee Farquhar, Phoebe Hu, Sierra Gibb, Scott Pietrangelo, Sydney Cochrane, Sydney Monteith, Taryn Wichenko, Zach Colangelo, and Zoe Brown Musicians: Colleen Dauncey, Erik Larson, Jamie Bird, Kevin Wong, Trevor Patt and Wayne Gwillim Video Edited by Colleen Dauncey Music Produced & Orchestrated by Wayne Gwillim Vocal Arrangement by Colleen Dauncey Special Thanks to Michael Rubinoff and the Grand Theatre
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