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Behind every throne there is a power.

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Timothy Williams
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Andrew Sabiston
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Andrew Sabiston & Timothy Williams
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“NAPOLEON is a must-see at this year’s NYMF. Its themes are as relevant in today’s modern political scene as they were in the time of Napoleon.”
New York Theatre Guide

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NAPOLEON has had 7 productions in 4 languages since premiering in 1994. With each production, the authors have developed and revised it, with its current version being a complete re-imagining of the show that premiered in Toronto and played in London’s West End in 2000.

Now “an audacious spin on history that makes for thrilling drama” (Theatre Mania, New York), NAPOLEON has a central conceit similar to AMADEUS, in which the story of a well-known public figure is told through the eyes of a complex, lesser-known character with deep, dark secrets. That character is Talleyrand, the Machiavellian politician whose influence helped make and break an emperor.

The new version was first explored in a staged concert production at Talk Is Free Theatre in 2009 under the direction of Richard Ouzounian. The team debuted the fully reimagined show at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2015 and it has continued to evolve through subsequent productions, both small-scale and large (Seoul, 2017 [in Korean] / Zoetermeer Netherlands, 2022 [in Dutch] / Seoul, 2023 [in French]). The score is available in small-scale format (band of 5) and large-scale (orchestra of 20+).

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A native of Corsica, Napoleon was a disenfranchised outsider at the beginning of his career. At that time, there was a great deal of prejudice against Corsicans for a variety of reasons, one of them being their darker complexions which marked them as being ‘inferior'. In the musical, we see the derisive treatment Napoleon received as fueling the fire of his rally cry which called for sweeping systemic change – an urgent need in his time that is no less urgent in ours: Liberty for all; Equal opportunity and respect for every citizen, regardless of race, religion, class or creed. These central themes, with their parallels to the struggles of today, give the musical a potent, modern relevance.

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sample media

Wounded (excerpt)
2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Joseph Leo Bwarie as Napoleon
On That First Night (excerpt)
2000 Shaftesbury Theatre, London. Anastasia Barzee as Josephine, Paul Baker as Napoleon
A Cutthroat Game (excerpt)
2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Matthew Patrick Quinn as Talleyrand, Adam Daveline as Fouché, Nick Gaswirth as Garrau
The Dream Within (excerpt)
2000 Shaftesbury Theatre, London. Paul Baker as Napoleon, Jody Crosier as Anton, Napoleon ensemble
Video by Rick Jones. 2015 New York Musical Theatre Festival (Signature Theatre, NY, NY). Napoleon (NYMF) company: Starring Joseph Leo Bwarie as Napoleon, Margaret Loesser Robinson as Josephine, Matthew Patrick Quinn as Talleyrand; with Dane Agostinis, Jenny Ashman, Jewell Wilson Bridges, Jessica Crouch, Adam Daveline, Nick Gaswirth, Danielle Gimbal, Christopher J. Nolan, Katerina Papacostas, Jack Mosbacher, Daniel Schwait, Ryan Speakman
Video by SMG Inc. 2017 Show Media Group (Charlotte Theatre, Seoul, South Korea). Napoleon (Seoul) company: Starring Im Tae Kyung,Michael K. Lee and Han Ji Sang (all as Napoleon); Jeong Sun Ah, Park Hye Na and Hong Seo Young (all as Josephine); Kim Su Yong, Jung Sang Yoon and Kang Hong Suk (all as Talleyrand); Kim Pub Lae, Park Song Kwon and Jo Hwee (all as Barras); Baek Hyeong Hun, Jin Tae Hwa, Lee Chang Sub and Jung Dae Hyun (all as Lucien); Kim Ju Wang, Park Yoo Gyeom and Ki Se Jung (all as Anton); Im Chun Gil, Hwang Man Ik, Lee Sang Hwa, Kim Jang Sub, Kim Sa Rah, Bang Geul Ah, Lee Han Mill, Cha Jung Woo, Kwak Dae Sung, Park Steban, Yoo Jung Hee, Park Rae Chan, Joo Min Woo, Choi Won Seop, Jeon Gul, Hwang Doo Hyun, You Sung Rae, Jeong Seung Beum, Kim Jeong Min, Lee Hyun Woo, Yoo Min Yong, Chae Si Hyeon, Lee Eun Ju, Park Ha Na, Kim Soo Jung, Kim Hanam Yim Ji Eun, Lee Seul Gi, Lee Jung In, Lee Sang-A, Chae Ka Ky, Wkon Sang Seok, Hwangbo Joo Sung.
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