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Kate Noyes

People Suck

A musical airing of grievances

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Peter Cavell
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Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell
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Megan Phillips and Peter Cavell
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“Catchy tunes and deviously clever lyrics“, Justin Haigh, ArtsVox; “Gutsy, entertaining, and meaningful”, Daniel Fishbayn, The Varsity; “Side-splittingly hilarious”, Nora Inveiss, Mooney On Theatre; “Oozes with delicious frivolity…This show belongs on bigger stages with bigger audiences.”, You Should See It - Melbourne

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Jerks, morons, flakes – let’s face it: PEOPLE SUCK. This hilarious and all-too-relatable musical theatre song-cycle explores the many, many ways in which humans are just the worst. You’ll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish for your optimism back! If you’ve ever been on the internet, had a telephone conversation with another person, or left your house, this show is for you. WINNER - Best of Fringe, Patron’s Pick, Ed Mirvish Award at the Toronto Fringe, with subsequent hit productions in Melbourne, Australia
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sample media

Where the Hell is Darwin When You Need Him?
Ashely Comeau, Megan Phillips, Allison Price, Connor Thompson, Arthur Wright
When I See You Smile (I Want To Kill You)
Ashley Comeau, Megan Phillips, Allison Price
People Suck (Except For When You Want Them To)
Performed by Allison Price
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