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Butcher Billy

Ride the Cyclone

After a freak accident, six teens who are stuck in limbo, sing about their hopes, dreams and fantasies for their chance to return to life.

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Musical Play
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The New York Times, Critic's Pick: "The kind of thrills we look for in all musical comedies...High-spirited and just plain fun from start to finish"
Charles Isherwood, New York Times

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RIDE THE CYCLONE from creators Brooke Maxwell and Jacob Richmond tells the hilarious and outlandish story of six teenagers from a Canadiana chamber choir whose lives are cut short in a freak accident aboard a roller coaster. When they awake in limbo, a mechanical fortune teller invites each to tell a story to win a prize like no other in order to win a prize like no other - the chance to return to life. RIDE THE CYCLONE has garnered numerous awards including a Dora award, Jeff award, Joe. A. Callaway award and a Suzi Bass award. The soundtrack was released in 2021 featuring the original cast.

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It tells the story of the members of St. Cassian High School chamber choir of Uranium City, Saskatchewan, who perish on a faulty rollercoaster called "The Cyclone". Each tells a story to win the reward of a mechanical fortune teller — the chance to return to life.
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RICKY POTTS Male - 18-25 Begins the play wordless and on crutches; suffers from a degenerative disease that has left him speechless and mostly immobile; he discovers at the beginning of the play that in this strange purgatory, he has regained all of these abilities.

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Rock, Pop, Jazz

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Video filmed by and featuring Scott Redmond
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