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The New Canadians

A new musical based on a true story of young people striving for a more just society.

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Peter Abando
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Carolyn Nakagawa
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Carolyn Nakagawa
in development
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Coming Soon To...

Currently seeing theatre companies to produce, present, and partner for a premiere production and beyond.

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Broadly speaking, The New Canadians presents a dilemma well-known to many racialized Canadians who struggle to belong to a country that denies them. More specifically, it tells the story of how Japanese Canadians were forcibly dispersed from their original communities in coastal British Columbia to locations across Canada, where they continue to be part of the fabric of the country.
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notes about Development

We have an advanced version of the book that is still open to further development. All songs have been written and scored for piano and 2-4 voices. To do: complete vocal and instrumental arrangements for a full cast and band.

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