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Jon Blair

The Pirate Queen of the Stars

In space, no one can hear you sing

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Peter Cavell
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Peter Cavell
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Andrew Templeton
in development
Book Musical
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“Stirring yet hilarious” - iReactions; “Consistently sharp and cheeky” - Geekpr0n

Coming Soon To...

Imagine "Alien" as a musical comedy.  Or picture Darth Vader pausing mid-strangle to sing a rock ballad about how nobody understands him.

In The Pirate Queen of the Stars, notorious space-pirate Vega Valkyria wants out of the business, and all she needs is one last score.  But when she ends up trapped aboard a derelict starship with her two worst enemies and a malevolent alien entity, it’s going to take more than the usual sci-fi plot tropes to get her out alive.

A lovesick android, human-on-alien action, and an epic on-stage space-battle combine to make this a fast-paced, hilarious, rock thriller that puts the opera back in space-opera.

A red and white star
A red and white star

notes about Development

With a successful first self-production under our belts, the show could benefit from workshopping

sample media

All I Ever Wanted
Seth Drabinsky as Lord Rastaban Starsmiter
Space is Really, Really Freakin' Big/Slow Camera Pan
Performed by 2016 Toronto Cast
Rehearsal video by Paul Barnes. 2016 Toronto Fringe production. Daniel Abrahamson as R.I.G.E.L. performing "Artificially Yours".
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