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Dorothy Dittrich

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Vancouver, BC
Dorothy Dittrich

Dorothy Dittrich is a playwright, musical director, sound designer and composer. Dorothy began her playwriting career with her sung-through musical When We Were Singing. The show has been produced across Canada and in the U.S. including The National Arts Centre in Ottawa. It received a workshop in NYC with MTC. When We Were Singing was nominated for a number of awards and went on to win the Jessie Richardson Award for Outstanding Original Script, Musical Direction and Ensemble Cast. It received Dora Mavor Moore nominations for Musical Direction, Production and Outstanding Original Scrip. Dorothy is the proud recipient of the Sydney J Risk Award for Emerging Playwright. Her most recent play The Piano Teacher was commissioned and produced by The Arts Club Theatre Company and went on to win the Jessie Richardson award for Outstanding Original Script. It is published by Talon Books. Other plays of hers include The Dissociates, Lesser Demons, Two Part Invention, and If the Moon Falls. In another writing world Dorothy continues to write and read Tippi and Stan, a comedy series about a friendship, set in Vancouver.

In addition to her work as a writer, Dorothy has worked as a sound designer and composer for a number of theatre productions – also garnering award nominations. She contributed to the score of The Heretics, a documentary about the creators of the magazine Heresies. The Heretics premiered at the Museum of Modern Art. It was a thrill and an honour to be involved. In addition to her writing and composing work, Dorothy plays and teaches music. She is in the process of writing a new play and a new musical.

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