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Sarvin Esmaeili

A red and white star
Book Writer
Vancouver, BC
Sarvin Esmaeili

Sarvin Esmaeili is a professional multidisciplinary theatre artist. She is a performer, creator, facilitator and instructor.

Sarvin has co-created and co-performed One of a Kind (Theatre for Young Audiences) at Vancouver International Children's Festival since 2018. She has facilitated many drama and storytelling workshops for children, youth and adults (Dunbar Drama Camp, Pinetree Secondary School, and The Flame’s Storytelling). Sarvin is passionate about creating a safe, fun and inclusive space for children to appreciate their creativity, boost their confidence and find their unique voices. Sarvin currently teaches drama and creative writing at NewBay Education. She is a graduate of Studio 58's Acting Program (Canada's Top Theatre School). Sarvin is excited to teach theatre at The ACT Arts Centre.

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