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Photo : Kimberly Ho. Cast: Anjalica Solomon, Chantal Dobles Gering

Wings Over Water: A Diasporic Bird Play

Through the intimate and sensory worlds of poetry, original live music created on the loop pedal, somatic movement and shadow puppetry, will Baby Bird find their way home?

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Chantal Dobles Gering and Anjalica Solomon
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Chantal Dobles Gering and Anjalica Solomon
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Sarvin Esmaeili, Chantal Dobles Gering, Anjalica
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Shadow Puppetry
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"Baby Bird victoriously pulls down the cloth as the pavilion is overcome with a striking silence and the sole voice of Baby Bird singing, 'Ancestor, I got you'... I sit in the audience, reflecting on my own blood and found relations"
Cathy Xu, SAD Magazine

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We are theatre artists, dancers, forest-wanderers and poets making a play about migratory birds and ancestral roots. In two successful fringe productions, one indoors in Nanaimo’s Port Theatre, and one outdoors in Granville Island’s Picnic Pavilion in Vancouver, Wings Over Water explores the depth and width of the ocean, conceptions of home, and what is lost when we are cut from the root.

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This show was created by Canadian artists based in Vancouver - though not officially set in Canada, there is a struggle for the creators to call this stolen land home. These are stories of diaspora within Canada and a reflection of western ideals of success and assimilation.
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Uplifts queer voices and immigrant stories. Based on the Indian/Iranian/Costa-Rican/mixed roots of the creators.

notes about Development

Wings Over Water had its premiere in the Nanaimo and Vancouver Fringe Festivals and is currently looking to expand the production into other festivals. We have a recorded soundtrack, no sheet music.

Experimental, Punk, RnB, Hip hop, Poetic

sample media

2021 Nanaimo and Vancouver Fringe Cast Party Bird and Baby Bird
Stick It to the Man
2021 Nanaimo and Vancouver Fringe Cast Anarchy Bird and Baby Bird
Performers: Chantal Dobles Gering Anjalica Solomon Filmed By: Danielle Rozali
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