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Leigh, a 40-something who works in a hardware store, has lived in Delphi, Indiana all her life.

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ORACLE was workshopped and presented at the Summerworks Festival in Toronto in 2011, and it was workshopped at Arena Stage in Washington, DC in 2012. A demo recording was made from the live Arena Stage workshop performance, and features Hannah Willman, Manna Nichols, and Jobari Parker-Namdar, except for the song "Little Wonder," which features Julie Martell from the Summerworks presentation.

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Musical Theatre

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How Do They Do It?
Hannah Willman, Manna Nichols, and Jobari Parker-Namdar
The Baker's Song
Jobari Parker-Namdar, Hannah Willman, and Manna Nichols
"In the Middle of the Night" from Oracle. Music and Lyrics by Jay Turvey and Paul Sportelli. Performed by Patty Jamieson and Julie Martell on June 6, 2010 at the Coffee Concert Series at the Shaw Festival.
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