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Selah's Song

A heartwarming musical that tells the story of a young girl whose courage inspired a village, and whose song became an anthem for peace.

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Bryan Moyer Suderman
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Johnny Wideman
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Johnny Wideman
in development
Musical Play
Canadian Story
Suitable for Teens
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Theatre of the Beat



Selah’s Song was originally conceived as a 40-person folk musical, and was staged in partnership with Nineteen on the Park Theatre and Theatre of the Beat in January of 2014. Nearly six years later, Johnny Wideman began a drastic rewrite of the piece, completely reimagining it as a four-hander that would feature politically inspired puppets throughout history: from Punch and Judy to Bread and Puppets. In the winter of 2020 the piece reentered another workshop process, overseen by Director Erin Brandenburg, and involving puppeteers from Toronto's Clay and Paper Theatre, and local folk musician/actors. Having successfully revisioned the staging and production, Theatre of the Beat agreed to produce the piece again, scheduling a month-long cross-Canada tour that was supposed to hit the road in March 2020. Obviously this was cancelled due to COVID-19, but the piece remains primed and ready for a remount.

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Written by a Canadian playwright, composed by a Canadian musician.
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Folk, Blue Grass, Canadiana
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