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An uplifting four-hander musical about “coming in"—finding acceptance within yourself and in your community. Set at a three day summer camp for LGBTQ+++ youth called Camp-Us.

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Jeffery Straker
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Jeffery Straker
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Kelley Jo Burke
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Jeff DeDekker, Regina Leader-Post, March 2, 2018 Written by Kelley Jo Burke with music by Jeffery Straker, Us is a musical about people finding their identity, having the courage to embrace it and discovering that when others are in their corner, they can do anything

Coming Soon To...

Our new musical Us premiered at the Regina Globe Theatre mainstage February 28, 2018. It won the 2017 winner of the Playwrights Guild Canada Stage West Pechet Family New Musical award—for best new Canadian musical in development.

Jurists Ted Dykstra (Chair), Clara Bullock, Meghan Gardiner, and Peter Jorgensen said the script “had incredible potential, heart, compelling characters, authenticity in both subject and the music. The jury felt it was a story that needed to be told, and was full of voices that needed to be heard. They also noted its big heart, that it came from a place honest and true, and that high school students could really benefit from seeing it.”

And Us is brave, warm, funny, innovative, and inclusive—and earns its high-hearted ending. As Counsellor Damon says: “…the very best way to change our story—the “the World Doesn't Want Us, We're Not Right, so the way to make it better is erase ourselves. STUPID story—is to be HAPPY. And Happy isn't EASY. You have to take it. You have to get up—and grab happiness by the ovaries and squeeze. Because it’s yours—as much as anybody else’s. It’s not the only way—but it's certainly a way. And it takes all of us. Choosing happy. And no one dead.” If you are interested in reading Us, current book and charts are available. Please contact Straybird Productions’ Kelley Jo Burke (Kelley.jo@sasktel.net) or Jeffery Straker (jeffstraker.com).

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It is about queer Canadian youth who have come of age in Western Canada, often away from urban settings, often in very conservative communities, looking for support and community.
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The show is based on the lives and stories of the participants and counsellors at a camp for queer youth in Saskatchewan. It has characters from many parts of the LGBTQ2SA+ spectrum, and is intended to be played by actors from across that spectrum. There is also a significant intersectionality of queerness and: race and culture, particularly indigenous race and culture, mental and physical difference, and economic status in the Camp fYrefly population that we intend to be reflected in the casting.

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